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HT Zero Waste "Reusable Program" Kick-Off

November 17, 2018

Our good friend and Zero Waste Ambassador Juliette Deal is heading up this amazing program. We're overjoyed to see it coming to fruition! 


Here's a little poem dedicated to Juliette Deal for her hard and tireless work she's done over the years. 


"Bin there Done that"

I am a bin

I’ve traveled far

I’m made of Aluminium

Just like a car

I’m here to help

To keep communities clean

So treat me nice

Keep me pristine

Hopetown is home

It’s where I reside

Come seek me out

I’ll be outside

Thanks to Mama Deal

She is the star

That brought us here

From near n far.

Be kind be caring

Pick up your stash

Make Hopetown amazing

With ZERO trash.



By Max Jones




Hi Everyone! 
Ok, so we are about to kick-off our reusable program and would like feedback if you have a moment to share your thoughts.

1. We will be brining in a collection of reusables for sale to encourage reuse with a solution and not just a recommendation. Here are the items we have on the list so far (focused on products that we use a lot of):

Kitchenware (note the pictures are an example): 
Reusable Zip Lock Bags 
Wax Food Wraps 
Metal Straws
9x9 three compartment clamshell reusable to-go container

Beauty and Sanitation: 
Female Products (Multi-packs) 
Compostable Dental Floss

Question: Is there anything on your wish list that we should include?

2. We have been chatting with our fellow Hope Towner Lindsey Delaplaine McCoy about how to get Plaine Products to Hope Town. These are refillable shampoo, conditioner and hand soaps (

Question: If these alternatives to plastic disposable containers were available, is there an interest? If so, pls type PPY for yes, or PPN for no below to let us know 

Thank you for your time and feedback! We have fun things coming down the pipeline, the support is greatly appreciated.






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